Man pages for GiniDistance
A New Gini Correlation Between Quantitative and Qualitative Variables

ConfidenceIntervalConfidence Interval of Dependence measure
CriticalValueFind a critical value by permutation test of dependence...
dCorDistance Covariance and Correlation Statistics
dCovDistance Covariance Statistic
gCorGini Distance Covariance and Correlation Statistics
gCovGini Distance Covariance Statistics
gmdGini Mean Difference
KdCorKernel Distance Correlation Statistics
KdCovKernel Distance Covariance Statistics
KgCorKernel Gini Distance Correlation Statistics
KgCovKernel Gini Distance Covariance Statistics
KgmdKernel Gini Mean Difference Statistics
PermutationTestPermutation test of dependence between X and Y using (Gini)...
RcppgCorGini Distance Correlation Statistics
RcppgCovGini Distance Covariance Statistics
RcppGmdGini Mean Difference Statistics
RcppKgCorKernel Gini Distance Correlation Statistics
RcppKgCovKernel Gini Distance Covariance Statistics
RcppKGmdKernel Gini Mean Difference Statistics
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