Man pages for HBP
Hi-C BED File Analysis Pipeline

calculate_omiccircos_dataoutput the interaction that our bed interact with ourbed.
calculate_omiccircos_data_solohelp calculate_omiccircos_data to finish its work
check_bed_binprocess the bed file data to bin
choose_chr_bedchoose which chrom from the BED file
circos_plotVisualization of interactions and tracks
convert_bed_to_matrixconvert the bed file to matrix file for the next analysis
find_bed_to_bed_interactionfind the interaction between specific sites
find_bed_to_bed_interaction_solohelp find_bed_to_bed_interaction finish its work
generate_enzyme_filegenerate enzyme file
generate_matrixgenerate matrix files
if_distribution_analysisanalyse the interaction frequency distribution
load_all_wigthe function to load wig file
load_bedthe function to load bed file
load_bed_wigthe function to load wig file in the specific sites
load_wigthe function to load tracks
network_analysisInteraction network topological analysis
run_hicprorun the hic-pro
statistical_analysisStatistical significance tests
whiteredgenerate the color of heatmap
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