Man pages for HBSTM
Hierarchical Bayesian Space-Time models for Gaussian space-time data.

Autoregressive0-classClass '"Autoregressive0"'
Autoregressive-classClass '"Autoregressive"'
coordinatesCoordinates of the dataset "hirlam"
estimationEstimation of the median parameters
hbstmFitting Hierarchical Bayesian Space Time models
HBSTM-classClass '"HBSTM"'
hbstm.fitFitted function for Hierarchical Bayesian Space Time models
HBSTM-packageHierarchical Bayesian Space-Time models for Gaussian...
Hyperpriors-classClass '"Hyperpriors"'
mseMean Square Error
Mt0-classClass '"Mt0"'
Mt-classClass '"Mt"'
Mu0-classClass '"Mu0"'
Mu-classClass '"Mu"'
Parameters-classClass '"Parameters"'
plotFitPlot the spatial data, estimation and residuals of an object...
plotResResidual Plots
resultsResults summary
Seas0-classClass '"Seas0"'
Seas-classClass '"Seas"'
SpatParam0-classClass '"SpatParam0"'
SpatParam-classClass '"SpatParam"'
VectSubdiag0-classClass '"VectSubdiag0"'
VectSubdiag-classClass '"VectSubdiag"'
Xt0-classClass '"Xt0"'
Xt-classClass '"Xt"'
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