HLSM: Hierarchical Latent Space Network Model

Implements Hierarchical Latent Space Network Model (HLSM) for ensemble of networks as described in Sweet et. al. (2012). <DOI:10.3102/1076998612458702>.

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AuthorSamrachana Adhikari, Brian Junker, Tracy Sweet, Andrew C. Thomas
Date of publication2016-11-25 08:42:51
MaintainerSamrachana Adhikari <asam.cmu@gmail.com>
LicenseGPL (> 3)

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getAlpha Man page
getBeta Man page
getIntercept Man page
getLikelihood Man page
getLS Man page
HLSMfixedEF Man page
HLSMrandomEF Man page
plotDiagnostic Man page
plotHLSM.fixed.fit Man page
plotHLSM.LS Man page
plotHLSM.random.fit Man page
plotLikelihood Man page
print.HLSM Man page
print.summary.HLSM Man page
ps.advice.mat Man page
ps.all.vars.mat Man page
ps.edge.vars.mat Man page
ps.school.vars.mat Man page
ps.teacher.vars.mat Man page
summary.HLSM Man page

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