Man pages for HRQoL
Health Related Quality of Life Analysis

BBThe Beta-Binomial Distribution
BBestEstimation of the parameters of a beta-binomial distribution
BBmmBeta-binomial mixed-effects model
BBregFit a beta-binomial logistic regression model
BIThe Binomial distribution with optional Dispersion Parameter
BIestEstimation of the parameters of a binomial distribution with...
BIiwlsIterative Weighted Least Squares (IWLS) method for binomial...
BImmBinomial Logistic Mixed-Effects Model Regression.
BIregFit a binomial logistic regression model
HRQoLplotSpider plot of the dimensions of the Short Form-36 Health...
print.BBestPrint a BBest class model.
print.BBmmPrint a BBmm class model.
print.BBregPrint a BBreg class model.
print.BIestPrint a BIest class model.
print.BImmPrint a BImm class model.
print.BIregPrint a BIreg class model.
print.summary.BBestPrint a summary.BBest class model.
print.summary.BBmmPrint a summary.BBmm class model.
print.summary.BBregPrint a summary.BBreg class model.
print.summary.BImmPrint a summary.BImm class model.
print.summary.BIregPrint a summary.BIreg class model.
SF36recShort Form-36 Health Survey recode
summary.BBestSummarizes a BBest class model.
summary.BBmmSummarizes a BBmm class model.
summary.BBregSummarizes a BBreg class model.
summary.BImmSummarizes a BImm class model.
summary.BIregSummarizes a BIreg class model.
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