ICSNP: Tools for Multivariate Nonparametrics

Tools for multivariate nonparametrics, as location tests based on marginal ranks, spatial median and spatial signs computation, Hotelling's T-test, estimates of shape are implemented.

AuthorKlaus Nordhausen, Seija Sirkia, Hannu Oja, David E. Tyler
Date of publication2015-09-23 02:50:10
MaintainerKlaus Nordhausen <klaus.nordhausen@utu.fi>
LicenseGPL (>= 2)

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duembgen.shape Man page
duembgen.shape.wt Man page
hl.loc Man page
HotellingsT2 Man page
HotellingsT2.default Man page
HotellingsT2.formula Man page
HP1.shape Man page
HP.loc.test Man page
HR.Mest Man page
ICSNP Man page
ICSNP-package Man page
ind.ctest Man page
ind.ictest Man page
LASERI Man page
pair.diff Man page
pair.prod Man page
pair.sum Man page
pulmonary Man page
rank.ctest Man page
rank.ctest.default Man page
rank.ctest.formula Man page
rank.ctest.ics Man page
rank.ictest Man page
rank.ictest.default Man page
rank.ictest.ics Man page
spatial.median Man page
spatial.sign Man page
symm.huber Man page
symm.huber.wt Man page
tyler.shape Man page
vdw.loc Man page

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