Man pages for ICSNP
Tools for Multivariate Nonparametrics

duembgen.shapeDuembgen's Shape Matrix
duembgen.shape.wtWeighted Duembgen's Shape Matrix
hl.locHodges - Lehmann Estimator of Location
HotellingsTHotelling's T2 Test
HP1.shapeOne Step Rank Scatter Estimator
HP.loc.testHallin and Paindaveine Signed-Rank Tests
HR.MestSimultaneous Affine Equivariant Estimation of Multivariate...
ICSNP-packageTools for Multivariate Nonparametrics
ind.ctestTest of Independece based on Marginal Ranks
ind.ictestTest of Independence based on Marginal Ranks in a Symmetric...
LASERICardiovascular Responses to Head-up Tilt
pair.diffPairwise Differences
pair.prodPairwise Products
pair.sumPairwise Sums
pulmonaryChange in Pulmonary Response after Exposure to Cotton Dust
rank.ctestOne, Two and C Sample Rank Tests for Location based on...
rank.ictestOne Sample Location Test based on Marginal Ranks in the...
spatial.medianSpatial Median
spatial.signSpatial Signs
symm.huberSymmetrized Huber Scatter Matrix
symm.huber.wtWeighted Symmetrized Huber Scatter Matrix
tyler.shapeTyler's Shape Matrix
vdw.locVan der Waerden Estimator of Location
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