Man pages for INCATome
Internal Control Analysis of Translatome Studies by Microarrays

INCA.DEGINCATome Deregulated Genes Identification
INCA.DyeSwapDyeSwap Method for two-color microarray data
INCA.MAPlotMA Plot for Array data, with optional highlighting of set of...
INCA.NormICINCATome Normalisation by Internal Control Probes
INCA.NormSIINCATome Normalisation by Spike In Probes
INCA.PreProcessBackground Correction of two-color microarray data
INCA.SpikePlotLinearity Plot for Spike In Probes
INCATomeInternal Control Analysis of Translatome Studies by...
INCATomeDataTranslatome microarray dataset simulated from experimentally...
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