data_peregrine: Data for peregrine falcons from the Jura Mountains, 1965-2007

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Data for peregrine falcons from the Jura Mountains, 1965-2007


Data for peregrine falcons (Falco peregrinus) from the Jura Mountains straddling the Franco-Swiss border for 1965 to 2007. We combined data collected by Gaby Banderet and colleagues in Switzerland and René-Jean Monneret, René Ruffinoni and their colleagues in France.

Data comprise the annual number of breeding pairs, information on productivity and dead-recoveries of marked individuals.




peregrine is a list with 3 components:


a 2-column matrix with the number of breeding pairs recorded in each year.


a 3-column matrix with the number of broods surveyed and the total number of fledglings for each year.


an individuals x years matrix, with 1 when an individual was ringed as a nestling and when recovered dead; otherwise 0.


Swiss data from Gabriel Banderet and the Swiss Ornithological Institute. French data from Fonds Sauvegarde Faune Flore Jurassienne - Groupe Pèlerin Jura.


Kéry, M., Banderet, G., Neuhaus, M., Weggler, M., Schmid, H., Sattler, T., Parish, D. (2018) Population trends of the Peregrine Falcon in Switzerland with special reference to the period 2005-2016. Ornis Hungarica 26, 91-103.

Monneret, R.-J., Rufinioni, R., Parish, D., Pinaud, D., Kéry, M. (2018) The Peregrine population study in the French Jura mountains 1964-2016: use of occupancy modeling to estimate population size and analyze site persistence and colonization rates. Ornis Hungarica 26, 69-90.

Schaub, M., Kéry, M. (2022) Integrated Population Models, Academic Press, chapter 12.



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