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ISO 8859 Character Codes


International Organization for Standardization (ISO) codes for 8-bit character encodings for use by computers. The data set gives the maps of the characters to Unicode (i.e., the respective ISO 10646 codes).




A character array of dimension 256 \times 15 \times 3, with the first dimension corresponding to the character codes from 0 to 255 (0x00 to 0xff), the second to the parts of the ISO 8859 standard, and the third to the Unicode (ISO 10646) code and name, and the respective character.


The ISO 8859, more formally ISO/IEC 8859, standard is divided into numbered, separately published parts, such as as ISO/IEC 8859-1, ISO/IEC 8859-2, etc., each of which may be informally referred to as a standard in itself. There are currently 15 parts as of 2006 excluding the abandoned ISO/IEC 8859-12 standard:

Part 1 Latin-1 Western European
Part 2 Latin-2 Central European
Part 3 Latin-3 South European
Part 4 Latin-4 North European
Part 5 Latin/Cyrillic
Part 6 Latin/Arabic
Part 7 Latin/Greek
Part 8 Latin/Hebrew
Part 9 Latin-5 Turkish
Part 10 Latin-6 Nordic
Part 11 Latin/Thai
Part 13 Latin-7 Baltic Rim
Part 14 Latin-8 Celtic
Part 15 Latin-9
Part 16 Latin-10




## ISO 8859 characters at position 200 (number 199).
ISO_8859[200, , ]

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