Man pages for InSilicoVA
Probabilistic Verbal Autopsy Coding with 'InSilicoVA' Algorithm

causetextTranslation list of COD codes
condprobConditional probability table used by InterVA-4
condprobnumConditional probability values used by InterVA-4
csmf.diagConvergence test for fitted InSilico model
extract.probObtain conditional probabilities from training data
get.indivGet individual COD probabilities from InSilicoVA Model Fits
indivplotplot aggregated COD distribution
insilicoImplement InSilicoVA methods
insilico.fitImplement InSilicoVA methods with more flexible customization
insilico.trainModified InSilicoVA methods with training data
InsilicoVA-packagePerform InSilicoVA algorithm and provide graphical...
physician_debiasImplement physician debias algorithm
plot.insilicoplot CSMF from a "insilico" object
print.insilicoPrint method for summarizing InSilicoVA Model Fits
print.insilico_summaryPrint method for summarizing InSilicoVA Model Fits
probbaseConditional probability of InterVA4
probbase3Conditional probability of InterVA4.03
RandomPhysician100 records of Sample Input together with two simulated...
RandomVA11000 records of Sample Input
RandomVA2100 records of Sample Input
SampleCategoryCorrespondence between InterVA causes and the physician coded...
SamplePhysician100 records of Sample debiased physician codes
stackplotplot grouped CSMF from a "insilico" object
summary.insilicoSummarizing InSilicoVA Model Fits
updateIndivUpdate individual COD probabilities from InSilicoVA Model...
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