summary.ScoreStatSet: Summary object of 'ScoreStatSet' object

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Summary object of ScoreStatSet object


This object contains the multiple imputed averages/p-values of a set of estimates from risk score imputed data sets.


A print.summary.ScoreStatSet function has been implemented

This object contains three lists meth1 and meth2 and methRubin meth1 averages the point estimates to produce an F test statistic, meth2 averages the test statistics and prodcues a t test statistic and methRubin follows Rubin's standard rules and is used for calculating confidence intervals

See the vignette for further details.

meth1, meth2 and methRubin are lists with the following elements: estimate: average estimator for meth1, NOTE: for meth2 this is the average test statistic,
var: estimate of variance of "estimate" field
test.stat: test statistic
distribution: distribution of statistical test (i.e. F or t)
p.value: p-value of test

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