Man pages for IsoplotR
Statistical Toolbox for Radiometric Geochronology

ageCalculate isotopic ages
agespectrumPlot a (40Ar/39Ar) release spectrum
cadPlot continuous data as cumulative age distributions
centralCalculate U-Th-He and fission track central ages and...
concordiaConcordia diagram
data2yorkPrepare geochronological data for York regression
ellipseGet coordinates of error ellipse for plotting
evolutionTh-U evolution diagram
examplesExample datasets for testing 'IsoplotR'
helioplotVisualise U-Th-He data on a logratio plot or ternary diagram
isochronCalculate and plot isochrons
IsoplotR-internalInternal code objects
kdeCreate (a) kernel density estimate(s)
ludwigLinear regression of U-Pb data with correlated errors, taking...
mdsMultidimensional Scaling
peakfitFinite mixture modelling of geochronological datasets
radialplotVisualise heteroscedastic data on a radial plot
read.dataRead geochronology data
settingsLoad settings to and from json
set.zetaCalculate the zeta calibration coefficient for fission track...
titteringtonLinear regression of X,Y,Z-variables with correlated errors
weightedmeanCalculate the weighted mean age
yorkLinear regression of X,Y-variables with correlated errors
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