Man pages for JM
Joint Modeling of Longitudinal and Survival Data

aidsDidanosine versus Zalcitabine in HIV Patients
anovaAnova Method for Fitted Joint Models
aucJMTime-Dependent AUCs for Joint Models
coefEstimated Coefficients for Joint Models
crLongTransform Competing Risks Data in Long Format
DerivIntSplinesDerivatives and Integrals of B-splines and Natural Cubic...
dynCJMA Dynamic Discrimination Index for Joint Models
fittedFitted Values for Joint Models
JMJoint Modeling of Longitudinal and Time-to-Event Data in R
jointModelJoint Models for Longitudinal and Survival Data
jointModelObjectFitted jointModel Object
pbcMayo Clinic Primary Biliary Cirrhosis Data
piecewiseExp.phProportional Hazards Models with Piecewise Constant Baseline...
plotPlot Diagnostics for Joint Models
plot-rocJMPlot Method for rocJM Objects
plot-survfitJMPlot Method for survfitJM Objects
prederrJMPrediction Errors for Joint Models
predictPredictions for Joint Models
prothroPrednisone versus Placebo in Liver Cirrhosis Patients
ranefRandom Effects Estimates for Joint Models
residualsResiduals for Joint Models
rocJMPredictive Accuracy Measures for Longitudinal Markers under a...
simulateSimulate from Joint Models.
summary.weibull.frailtySummary Method for weibull.frailty Objects
survfitJMPrediction in Joint Models
wald.strataWald Test for Stratification Factors
weibull.frailtyWeibull Model with Gamma Frailties
xtablextable Method from Joint Models.
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