Man pages for JOUSBoost
Implements Under/Oversampling for Probability Estimation

adaboostAdaBoost Classifier
circle_dataSimulate data from the circle model.
friedman_dataSimulate data from the Friedman model
grid_probsFunction to compute predicted quantiles
index_overReturn indices to be used for jittered data in oversampling
index_underReturn indices to be used in original data for undersampling
jousJittering with Over/Under Sampling
JOUSBoostJOUSBoost: A package for probability estimation
predict.adaboostCreate predictions from AdaBoost fit
predict.jousCreate predictions
print.adaboostPrint a summary of adaboost fit.
print.jousPrint a summary of 'jous' fit.
sonarDataset of sonar measurements of rocks and mines
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