JWileymisc: Miscellaneous Utilities and Functions

A collection of miscellaneous tools and functions, such as tools to generate descriptive statistics tables, format output, visualize relations among variables or check distributions.

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AuthorJoshua F. Wiley <jwiley.psych@gmail.com>
Date of publication2016-09-01 08:41:49
MaintainerJoshua F. Wiley <jwiley.psych@gmail.com>
LicenseGPL (>= 3)

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Man pages

APAStyler: A generic function for pretty printing in (semi) APA Style

APAStyler.lm: A generic function for pretty printing in (semi) APA Style

APAStyler.mira: A generic function for pretty printing in (semi) APA Style

APAStyler.SEMSummary: A generic function for pretty printing in (semi) APA Style

cd: Change directory

compareIVs: Compares the effects of various independent variables on...

cor2cov: Convert a correlation matrix and standard deviations to a...

corOK: Return a non-missing correlation matrix

corplot: Heatmap of a Correlation Matrix

egltable: EGL Table function makes nice tables

empirical_pvalue: Calculates an empirical p-value based on the data

formatHtest: Function to format the reuslts of a hypothesis test as text

formatMedIQR: Function to format the median and IQR of a variable

formatPval: Function to simplify formatting p-values for easy viewing /...

f.r2: Calculate F and p-value from the R2

internalcompareIV: Compares the effects of various independent variables

internalformulaIt: Internal function to create a formula

internalrunIt: Internal function to run a model using gam()

lagk: Create a lagged variable

moments: Estimate the first and second moments

mvqq: This is a simple plotting function designed to help examine...

param_summary: Calculates summaries for a parameter

param_summary_format: Format a data frame of summary statistics

plot.SEMSummary: Plots SEMSummary object

plot.SEMSummary.list: Plots SEMSummary.list object

SEMSummary: Summary Statistics for a SEM Analysis

SEMSummary.fit: Summary Statistics for a SEM Analysis

star: Function to simplify converting p-values to asterisks

testdistr: Graphically compare the distribution of a variable against a...

TukeyHSDgg: Tukey HSD Plot

updateInstall: Update R and install my core package set

winsorizor: Winsorize at specified percentiles


APAStyler Man page
APAStyler.lm Man page
APAStyler.mira Man page
APAStyler.SEMSummary Man page
cd Man page
compareIVs Man page
cor2cov Man page
corOK Man page
corplot Man page
egltable Man page
empirical_pvalue Man page
formatHtest Man page
formatMedIQR Man page
formatPval Man page
f.r2 Man page
internalcompareIV Man page
internalformulaIt Man page
internalrunIt Man page
lagk Man page
moments Man page
mvqq Man page
param_summary Man page
param_summary_format Man page
plot.SEMSummary Man page
plot.SEMSummary.list Man page
SEMSummary Man page
SEMSummary.fit Man page
star Man page
testdistr Man page
TukeyHSDgg Man page
updateInstall Man page
winsorizor Man page

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