Man pages for KSPM
Kernel Semi-Parametric Models

case.names.kspmCase names of fitted models
coef.kspmExtract Model Coefficients
confint.kspmConfidence interavls for linear part of model parameters
cooks.distance.kspmCook's distance for a Kernel Semi Parametric Model Fit
csmConventional and Social media features of 187 movies.
derivativesComputing kernel function derivatives
deviance.kspmModel deviance
energyEnergy consumption measuring hourly during 22 days
extractAIC.kspmExtract AIC from a Kernel Semi Parametric Model
fitted.kspmExtract Model Fitted values
flexible.summarySummarizing Kernel Semi parametric Model Fits with flexible...
get.parameterscompute Kernel Semi Parametric model parameters
info.kspmGiving information about Kernel Semi parametric Model Fits
KernelCreate a Kernel Object
kernel.functionKernel Functions
kernel.listList of kernel parts included in the kernel semi parametric...
kernel.matrixKernel matrix
kernel.methodsome internal methods in computation of kernel semi...
kspmFitting Kernel Semi Parametric model
kspmControlControl various aspects of the optimisation problem
logLik.kspmLog Likelihood of a kspm Object
lossFunction.looeComputation of the leave one out error (LOOE) in kernel semi...
nobs.kspmExtract the number of observations from a Kernel Semi...
plot.derivativesPlot derivatives of a kspm object
plot.kspmPlot Diagnostics for a kspm Object
predict.kspmPredicting Kernel Semi parametric Model Fits
print.kspmPrint results from a Kernel Semi parametric Model Fit
residuals.kspmExtract residuals from a Kernel Semi Parametric Model
rstandard.kspmStandardized residuals for Kernel Semi parametric Model Fits
search.parametersOptimisation to cumpute hyperparameter in Kernel Semi...
sigma.kspmExtract residuals standard deviation
stepKSPMChoose a model by AIC or BIC in a Stepwise Algorithm
summary.kspmSummarizing Kernel Semi parametric Model Fits
test.functionScore Tests for kernel part in kernel semi parametric model
variable.names.kspmVariable names of fitted models
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