ksIRT - kernel smoothing in Item Response Theory


This function returns a list containing a matrix for each item. Each matrix in the list contains a row for each option with each column representing a subject with the probability of selecting that option for each subject.


subjOCC(x, stype = c("ObsScore","ExpectedScore","MLScore","Theta","MLTheta"))



a ksIRT object to be analyzed.


the scale on which to evaluate each subject. stype = "ObsScore" uses the subject's observed test score. stype = "ExpectedScore" uses the subject's expected test score.stype = "MLScore" uses the maximum likelihood estimate for the subject's overall score.stype = "Theta" uses the subject's rank on the thetadist scale. stype = "MLTheta" uses the maximum likelihood estimate for the subject on the thetadist scale.


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