Man pages for Kmisc
Kevin Miscellaneous

anatDisplay the Anatomy of a Data Frame
any_naCheck whether there are any Missing Values in a Vector
applyApply Wrappers
attachHTMLAttach Common, Non-Masking HTML Functions
awkA Simple Front-end to Awk
awk.setSet awk
bwplot2Custom Lattice Boxplot
cat.cbWrite Data to the Clipboard
cdSet Working Directory
char_to_factorConverts Characters to Factors in an Object
chunkGenerate a Sequence of Integers, and Split into Chunks
clean_docClean Documentation in Current Package
countsGenerate Counts of Values in a Vector
dapplyApply a Function over a List
detachHTMLDetach Common, Non-Masking HTML Functions
duplicateForce a Copy of an R Object
extractExtract Elements from a Named Object
extract_rows_from_fileExtract Rows from File
factor_Fast Factor Generation
factor_to_charConverts Factors to Characters in an Object
getObjectsGet all Objects in Environment
gradientGenerate Gradient from Continuous Variable
grid.text2Grid Text with a Background
hImgPrint Plot to File and Return HTML
hSvgPrint SVG to File and Return HTML
htmlPrint HTML Elements
htmlTableGenerate an HTML Table
in_intervalDetermine if Value Lies within Interval
is.sortedTest if an Object is Sorted
kAnovaNicely Formatted ANOVA Table
kCoefNicely Formatted Model Coefficient Output
kFivenumFivenum with Names
kImgHTML - Source an Image
kLoadLoad and Assign an R Object
kmeans_plotk-means Diagnostic Plot
kMergeMerge (Left Join) with Order Retainment
Kmisc.knit2htmlKnit an Rmd File to HTML with Kmisc Styling
kSaveWrite out and Save a Tabular File
kSvgHTML - Source an SVG file
kTableMake Nicely Formatted Tables
labellerggplot2 labeller
lglength( grep( ... ) )
list2dfConvert list to data.frame
luNumber of non-NA unique elements in a vector
make_dummyMake Dummy Variables from a Factor
makeHTMLTableMake HTML Table from R 'table-like' Object
makeHTMLTagMake HTML Elements
manhattan_plotMake a Manhattan Plot
mat2dfConvert a Matrix to a DataFrame
matchesCount Matches
melt_Make a 'Wide' data set 'Long'
p1tMake 1D HTML Table
padPad an Object with NAs
par.resetRestore the 'par' settings
pMergeMerge a Data Frame 'into' Another
pp_plotConstruct a Probability-Probability Plot from a Set of...
prepare_packagePrepare Package
print.kHTMLPrint kHTML Objects
pxtMake 2x2 HTML Contingency Table
pymatPython-style Formatting of Strings.
rcpp_apply_generatorRcpp Apply Generator
Rcpp_gen_makevarsReproduce Rcpp Makevars Files
rcpp_tapply_generatorRcpp tapply Generator
readRead a File
read.cbRead Tabular Data from the Clipboard
regexPattern matching and Replacement
remove_charsRemove Alphabetic Characters from a Character Vector
remove_digitsRemove Digits from a Character Vector
remove_naRemove NA Entries from a Vector
scan.cbRead Data from the Clipboard
simpArea Under the Curve with Simpson's Rule
sizePrint the Object Size, with Auto Units
split_fileSplit a File by Unique Entries in a Column
split_runsSplit by Runs
stack_listStack a List of DataFrame-like Objects
str_collapseCollapse a String
strip_extensionStrip File Extension
str_revReverse a Vector of Strings
str_rev2Reverse a Vector of Strings (UTF-8)
str_sliceSlice a Vector at Consecutive Indices
str_slice2Slice a Vector at Consecutive Indices
str_sortSort a Vector of Strings
str_splitSplit a Vector of Strings Following a Regular Structure
swapSwap Elements in a Vector
swap_Swap Elements in a Vector
sysInvoke a System Command
tapply_Faster tapply
transposeTranpose an Object
treePrint a Tree Representation of an Object of Nested Lists
uUnique elements in a vector
unmeltUnmelt a Melted Data Frame
update_dateUpdate Date in DESCRIPTION File
usunlist( strsplit( ... ) )
value_matchingValue Matching
withoutRemove Elements from a Named Object
wrapWrap a String
write.cbWrite Tabular Data to the Clipboard
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