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The package provides a set of functions which aim is to propose four measures of linkage disequilibrium:

- Measure.R2: the usual r^2 measure.

- Measure.R2S: r^2 corrected by the structure of the sample (r^2_S).

- Measure.R2V: r^2 corrected by the relatedness of genotyped individuals (r^2_V).

- Measure.R2VS: r^2 corrected by both the relatedness of genotyped individuals and the structure of the sample (r^2_VS).

- LD.Measures: this function computes the four measures of linkage disequilibrium (r^2,r^2_V,r^2_S and r^2_{VS}) for a set of loci and gives extra information about them.


Package: LDcorSV
Version: 1.3.1 Creation date: 2013-03-27


David Desrousseaux, Florian Sandron, Aurelie Siberchicot, Christine Cierco-Ayrolles and Brigitte Mangin

Maintainer: Brigitte.Mangin@toulouse.inra.fr


Mangin et al, 2012, Novel Measures of linkage Disequilibrium that correct for the bias due to population structure and relatedness, Heredity.

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