Man pages for LDheatmap
Graphical Display of Pairwise Linkage Disequilibria Between SNPs

CEUDataExample data set for LDheatmap
CHBJPTDataExample of data set for LDHeatmap
GIMAP5Example data set for LDHeatmap
GIMAP5.CEUExample data set for LDheatmap
LDheatmapThis function produces a pairwise LD plot.
LDheatmap.addGenesAdd gene plot to an LDheatmap object.
LDheatmap.addGrobAdd a graphical object to an LDheatmap plot
LDheatmap.addRecombRateAdd recombination rate plot to an LD heat map.
LDheatmap.addScatterplotAdd a scatter plot to an LDheatmap object
LDheatmap.highlightHighlight a genetic region in the linkage disequilibrium heat...
LDheatmap-internalInternal LDheatmap functions and data files
LDheatmap.marksPlots a symbol in the centers of cells of the heat map image
plotGenesPlot genes from a specified region of the human genome.
recombRateProduce recombination rate plot.
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