Man pages for LICORS
Light Cone Reconstruction of States - Predictive State Estimation From Spatio-Temporal Data

compute_LC_coordinatesComputes coordinates of PLC and FLC relative to origin
compute_LICORS_loglikLog-likelihood of LICORS model
compute_margin_coordinatesGet LC configuration from a (N+1)D field
compute_mixture_penaltyPenalty of mixture weights
compute_NECCompute Negative Entropy Criterion (NEC)
contCA00Simulated 7 state (1+1)D field
data2LCsIterate over (N+1)D field and get all LC configurations
embed2Improved embed() function
estimate_LC_pdfsEstimate PLC/FLC distributions for all states
estimate_state_adj_matrixEstimate adjacency matrix for equivalent FLC distributions...
estimate_state_probsEstimate conditional/marginal state probabilities
get_LC_configGet configuration of a light cone (LC)
get_spacetime_gridGet an iterator over the space-time coordinates of the field.
image2Improved image() function
initialize_statesState initialization for iterative algorithms (randomly or...
LC-utilsUtilities for LC class
LICORS-packageLight Cone Reconstruction of States - Predictive State...
merge_statesMerge several states into one
mixed_LICORSMixed LICORS: An EM-like Algorithm for Predictive State Space...
mixed_LICORS-utilsUtilities for "LICORS" class
normalizeNormalize a matrix/vector to sum to one (probability simplex)
predict_FLC_given_PLCPredict FLCs given new PLCs
rdensityGenerate random sample from density() or wKDE
relabel_vectorRelabels a vector to consecutive labels
remove_small_sample_statesReassign low sample states to close states
search_knnK nearest neighbor (KNN) search
setup_LC_geometrySetup light cone geometry
sparsify_weightsSparsify weights
states2weight_matrixConverts label vector to 0/1 mixture weight matrix
thresholdThreshold a matrix/vector below and above
weight_matrix2statesReturns unique state assignment from a (row-wise) weight...
wKDEWeighted kernel density estimator (wKDE)
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