Man pages for LS2Wstat
A Multiscale Test of Spatial Stationarity for LS2W Processes

avespecvarA test statistic for spatial stationarity.
compareImagesAssesses whether two textured images are the same texture.
cropimageCrops a rectangular image to a specified (square) dimension
getpvalComputes a p-value for the output of the test for...
imageQTPerforms an image quadtree decomposition.
lincurveA linear function between two constant values.
LS2Wstat-packageStationarity testing for locally stationary wavelet fields
mix2imagesInsert one image into another.
plot.imageQTA plot function for quadtree decompositions.
plotmtxImage manipulation
print.imageQTPrint out information about a imageQT object in readable...
print.TOS2DPrint out information about a TOS2D object in readable form.
scurveAn S curve function between two constant values.
simTexturesimTextureulation function for LS2W processes.
TOS2DPerform bootstrap stationarity test for images.
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