mix2images: Insert one image into another.

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Insert one image into another.


Image A is re-sized to a specified proportion of Image B, then inserted into Image B at a given position.


mix2images(imageA, imageB, prop = 0.25, pos = "e")



The first image which is resized and placed inside the second image.


The second image, into which the first is placed.


The proportion of Image B to be taken up by Image A.


The exact position of image A in image B. Possible options are "a", "b", "c", "d", "e" which corresponds to (a) top-right, (b) bottom-right, (c) top-left, (d) bottom-left and (e) centred. A more exact location may be specified by inputting pos=c(x,y), which represents the position in pixels from the top-left of the image (i.e. c(x,y) puts Image A x pixels down and y pixels across from the top-left corner of Image B.)


This function first of all crops Image A to be a given proportion of Image B and then inserts it into image B at the specified location. If image B is too small for the size of image A required then the whole of image A is placed in image B. Both must be dyadic in length and square images.



A matrix with the specified values selected exchanged to those of Image A.


Sarah L. Taylor


Taylor, S.L., Eckley, I.A., and Nunes, M.A. (2014) A Test of Stationarity for Textured Images. Technometrics, 56 (3), 291-301.


# Generate 2 images.
ImageA <- matrix(rnorm(256^2), nrow=256, ncol=256)
ImageB <- matrix(rnorm(256^2, sd=2.8), nrow=256, ncol=256)
# Insert Image A into Image B at a proportion of 0.25
MixImaImb <- mix2images(ImageA, ImageB, prop=0.25, pos="e")

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