Man pages for LakeMetabolizer
Tools for the Analysis of Ecosystem Metabolism

calc.lw.netEstimate net long wave heat radiation
calc.zengEstimate sensible and latent heat fluxes
getSchmidtReturns Schmidt number for a specific gas at a given...
get.Tsgets surface water temperatures
get.varssubsets data.frame according to header names
has.varstests data.frame for column names
is.daydetermines if measurement was taken during the daytime
is.nightdetermines if measurement was taken during the night
k600.2.kGASReturns the gas exchange velocity for gas of interest w/ no...
k.readReturns a timeseries of gas exchange velocity a timeseries of gas exchange velocity
load.all.dataAttemps to load and merge all timeseries data for a given...
load.metaLoads a metadata file from the specified path
metabCalculate metabolism
metab.bayesianMetabolism model based on a bayesian parameter estimation...
metab.bookkeepMetabolism model based on simple day/night summation...
metab.kalmanMetabolism calculated from parameters estimated using a...
metab.mleMetabolism calculated from the maximum likelihood estimates...
metab.olsMetabolism model based on a ordinary least squares parameter... the equilibrium saturation concentration of oxygen... PAR to shortwave
rmv.varssubsets data.frame according to header names
sun.rise.setCalculates the time of sunrise and sunset shortwave radiation to PAR
temp.kalmanSmooth temperature time series using a Kalman filter/...
var.indxfinds matching column names in data.frame
watts.inSimple estimate of energy gained by a layer of water
wind.scaleWind Scaling U10 - exponential conversion to 10m wind speed
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