Man pages for LeMaRns
Length-Based Multispecies Analysis by Numerical Simulation

calc_growthCalculate growth
calc_LFICalculate community indicators
calc_M1Calculate background mortality
calc_M2Calculate predation mortality
calc_matureCalculate the proportion of mature individuals
calc_phiCalculate the proportion of individuals that leave each...
calc_prefsCalculate predator-prey size preferences
calc_QCalculate gear catchability
calc_ration_growthfacCalculate growth increments
calc_recruitsCalculate the number of recruits
calc_SSBCalculate Spawning Stock Biomass (SSB) or total biomass
calc_suit_vectCombines prey preference and prey suitability
comb_LeMans_runCombine two 'LeMans_outputs' objects
get_annual_catchGet annual catch for each species, catch per unit effort or...
get_indicatorsCalculate indicators
get_N0Generate a starting value for N
get_rec_funCollate the stock recruitment functions
get_SSBCalculate Spawning Stock Biomass (SSB) or total biomass
LeMans_outputs-classAn S4 class representing the outputs of the LeMans model
LeMansParamA constructor for the 'LeMansParam' class
LeMans_param-classAn S4 class representing the inputs of the LeMans model
make_rec_funGenerate the stock recruitment functions
NS_etaThe steepness of the slope of the catchability curve
NS_L50The length at 50% of the maximum catchability of the...
NS_mixed_fishGear selectivity data frame
NS_otherOther food for the North Sea
NS_parNorth Sea data
NS_tauNorth Sea interaction matrix
plot_indicatorsPlot indicators
plot_SSBPlot Spawning Stock Biomass (SSB)
rec_BHThe Beverton-Holt stock recruitment function
rec_constThe constant stock recruitment function
rec_hockeyThe hockey-stick stock recruitment function
rec_linearThe density-independent stock recruitment function
rec_RickerThe Ricker stock recruitment function
run_LeMansProject the LeMans model
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