get_rec_fun: Collate the stock recruitment functions

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Collates the stock recruitment functions for all of the species in the model.


get_rec_fun(rec_fun = "hockey-stick")



A character vector representing the stock recruitment function to be applied to each species. The default is "hockey-stick", but rec_fun can also take "Ricker", "Beverton-Holt", "constant", or "linear" for each species.


For "Beverton-Holt", the stock recruitment function is defined as a*SSB/(1+b*SSB); for "Ricker" it is defined as a*SSB*exp(-b*SSB); for "hockey-stick" it is defined as min(a*SSB, b); for "constant" it is defined as a, and for "linear" it is defined as a*SSB. In all cases, SSB is the Spawning Stock Biomass in 1000s of tonnes and a and b are parameters of the specific stock recruitment functions.


A list object of length rec_fun where each element includes the stock recruitment function for a given species. If an invalid recruitment function is selected, NULL is returned and a warning message is shown.


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See Also

calc_recruits, make_rec_fun, rec_BH, rec_Ricker, rec_hockey, rec_const, rec_linear and calc_SSB


nfish <- nrow(NS_par)
stored_rec_funs <- get_rec_fun(rep("hockey-stick", nfish))

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