Man pages for LendingClub
A Lending Club API Wrapper

AccountSummaryReturn the investor's Account Summary
AddFundsAdd funds to the investor's account
AvailableCashReturn investor's available cash
CancelTransferCancel a scheduled transfer
CleanDataConvert the list to dataframe
CreatePortfolioCreate a new portfolio
FolioListingLoans listed on Folio marketplace
FolioSellTransact with the secondary market
LC_GETWrapper for GET
LC_POSTWrapper for POST
LendingClubLending Club
ListedLoansListing of all loans on the primary market
MakeCredentialCreate the Lending Club credential
MakeURLMake the search URL
NotesOwnedListing of investor's loans
PendingTransfersReturn investor's pending transfers
PortfoliosOwnedListing of investor's portfolios
print.LendingClub_apiPrint the Output from an API call
SubmitOrderBuy a note on the primary market
WithdrawFundsWithdraw funds
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