Man pages for LncFinder
LncRNA Identification and Analysis Using Heterologous Features

build_modelBuild Users' Own Model
compute_EIIPExtract the EIIP-derived features
compute_EucDistanceCompute Euclidean Distance
compute_FickettScoreCompute Fickett TESTCODE Score
compute_GCCalculate GC content
compute_hexamerScoreCompute Hexamer Score
compute_kmerCompute _k_-mer Features
compute_LogDistanceCompute Logarithm Distance
compute_pICompute Theoretical Isoelectric Point
demo_datasetA demo of dataset
demo_DNA.seqA demo of DNA sequences
demo_SS.seqA demo of secondary structure sequences
extract_featuresExtract the Features
find_orfsFind ORFs
lnc_finderLong Non-coding RNA Identification
make_frequenciesMake the frequencies file for new classifier construction
make_referFreqMake Frequencies File for Log.Dist, Euc.Dist, and hexamer...
read_SSRead Secondary Structure Information
run_RNAfoldObtain the Secondary Structure Sequences Using RNAfold
svm_cv_k_-fold Cross Validation for SVM
svm_tuneParameter Tuning of SVM
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