Man pages for M2SMF
Multi-Modal Similarity Matrix Factorization for Integrative Multi-Omics Data Analysis

affinityMatrixTo calculate the similarity matrix
Cal_NMIcalculate the normalized mutual information.
costCalculate the cost
dist2binCalculate the agreement-based measurement
dist2chiCalculate the chi-squared distance
dist2euCalculate the Euclidean distance
initializationinitialize the sub-matrix Ci into alpha*Li by SVD
initialize_WLInitialize from the similairty matrix list
M2SMFthe main part for M2SMF and clustering result
new_modularityCalculate the modularity
simu_data_genGenerate simulated data
Standard_NormalizationNormalize the input matrix by column
update_alphathe function to update alpha
update_Lthe function to update Li, for i=1,2,...,N
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