M3: Reading M3 files

This package contains functions to read in and manipulate air quality model output from Models3-formatted files. This format is used by the Community Multiscale Air Quaility (CMAQ) model.

Install the latest version of this package by entering the following in R:
AuthorJenise Swall <jswall@vcu.edu>
Date of publication2012-05-16 17:07:10
MaintainerJenise Swall <jswall@vcu.edu>

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combine.date.and.time Man page
decipher.M3.date Man page
decipher.M3.time Man page
get.canusamex.bds Man page
get.coord.for.dimension Man page
get.datetime.seq Man page
get.grid.info.M3 Man page
get.M3.var Man page
get.map.lines.M3.proj Man page
get.matrix.all.grid.cell.ctrs Man page
get.proj.info.M3 Man page
M3 Man page
M3-package Man page
project.lonlat.to.M3 Man page
project.M3.1.to.M3.2 Man page
project.M3.to.lonlat Man page
var.subset Man page

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