Man pages for M3
Reading M3 files date and time to obtain date-time in POSIX format
decipher.M3.dateDecipher Models3 date format (YYYYDDD) into R's Date class.
decipher.M3.timeDecipher Models3 time format (HHMMSS) into hours, minutes,...
get.canusamex.bdsObtain map boundaries for Canada, USA, and Mexico
get.coord.for.dimensionGet the grid coordinates for the grid rows or columns.
get.datetime.seqRead in a sequence of date-time steps from a... information about the grid used by the air quality model
get.M3.varRead in variable values from Models3-formatted files map lines in the model projection units
get.matrix.all.grid.cell.ctrsObtain a matrix giving the locations of the grid cell centers information about the projection used in the Models3...
M3-packageFunctions to read in and manipulate air quality model output... coordinates from longitude/latitude to model units. coordinates based on projection in the first file to... coordinates from model units to longitude/latitude
var.subsetSubset the array resulting from a call to 'get.M3.var'.
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