Man pages for MALDIrppa
MALDI Mass Spectrometry Data Robust Pre-Processing and Analysis

addMetadataAdd metadata to 'AbstractMassObject' class objects
alignPeaksCompact peak alignment process for 'MassPeaks' objects
countPeaksCount the number of peaks in 'MassPeaks' objects
deletePeaksDelete peaks from a 'MassPeaks' objects
detectOutliersDetection of outlying mass peak profiles
importSpectraConvert mass spectra from text files into 'MassSpectrum'...
MALDIrppa-packageMALDI mass spectra robust pre-processing and analysis
peakPatternsDisplay peak presence/absence patterns
plot.scSpectraGraphical summary of 'screenSpectra' objects
rawToPeaksCreate list of 'MassPeaks' objects
rawToSpectraCreate list of 'MassSpectrum' objects
redResolutionReduce resolution of 'MassSpectrum' objects
screenSpectraIdentification of potentially low-quality raw mass spectra
snrPeaksExtract signal-to-noise ratio thresholds from 'MassPeaks'...
spectraExample mass spectra profiles
summaryPeaksSummary of mass peak profiles
summary.scSpectraNumerical summary of 'screenSpectra' objects
summarySpectraSummary of mass spectra
transfIntensityTransform intensity of 'MassSpectrum' objects
typeExample mass spectra metadata
wavSmoothingDiscrete wavelet transformation for 'MassSpectrum' objects
writeIntensityWrite intensity matrix in different formats
writeMetadataWrite metadata in different formats
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