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Meta-Analysis with Mean Differences

aggAggregate Dependent Effect Sizes
agg1Internal anRpackage objects
agg2Internal anRpackage objects
aggBInternal anRpackage objects
agg_gInternal anRpackage objects
agg_g2Internal anRpackage objects
aggsInternal anRpackage objects
aggs1Internal anRpackage objects
aggs2Internal anRpackage objects
aggsBInternal anRpackage objects
ancova_to_d1ANCOVA F-statistic to d
ancova_to_d2ANCOVA F-statistic to d II
attenCorrection for Attenuation
CatCompInternal anRpackage objects
CatCompfInternal MAc objects
CatComprInternal MAc objects
CatModInternal anRpackage objects
CatModfInternal MAc objects
CatModfQInternal MAc objects
CatModrInternal MAc objects
CatModrQInternal MAc objects
compute_dgsComputes Vector of Standardized Mean Differences
compute_dsComputes Vector of Standardized Mean Differences
compute_gsConverts Vector of Standardized Mean Differences
CorAttenInternal anRpackage objects
dat.cooper15.3Data from Table 15.3 in The Handbook for Research Synthesis...
dat.cooperA2Data from Table A2 in The Handbook for Research Synthesis and...
dat.hoytSubset of simulated data to demonstrate aggregation for...
dat.sim1Simulated psychotherapy treatment studies for 'outcome one'
dat.sim2Simulated psychotherapy treatment studies for 'outcome two'
dat.sim.esSubset of simulated psychotherapy treatment studies (k=8)...
dat.sim.finalFinal aggregated dataset of simulated psychotherapy treatment...
dat.sim.rawSubset of simulated psychotherapy treatment studies (k=8)...
d_to_gStandardized Mean Difference (d) Statistic to Unbiased...
factsInternal MAd objects
fail_to_dFailure groups to Standardized Mean Difference (d)
f.ancova_to_dANCOVA F-statistic to Standardized Mean Difference (d)
f_to_dF-test to Standardized Mean Difference (d)
iccIntraclass correlation coefficient (ICC) for oneway and...
KappaInter-Rater Agreement
lor_to_dLog Odds Ratio to Standardized Mean Difference (d)
macatCategorical Moderator Analysis
macatCDirect Categorical Moderator Comparison
MAd-packageMeta-Analysis with Mean Differences
mareg.defaultInternal anRpackage objects
MeanDiffInternal anRpackage objects
MeanDiffdInternal anRpackage objects
MeanDiffgInternal anRpackage objects
mean_to_dMeans to Standardized Mean Difference
mean_to_d2Means with Pooled SD to Standardized Mean Difference
MetaGInternal anRpackage objects
MRfitInternal anRpackage objects
omniOmnibus Effect Size (Fixed and Random Effects)
OmnibusESInternal anRpackage objects
or_to_dOdds Ratio to Standardized Mean Difference (d)
p.ancova_to_d1One-tailed p-value from ANCOVA to Standardized Mean...
p.ancova_to_d2Two-tailed p-value from ANCOVA to Standardized Mean...
pick_oneInternal MAc objects
plotcatCategorical Moderator Graph
plotconMeta Regression Scatterplot
print.icclistInternal anRpackage objects
print.macatInternal anRpackage objects
print.maregInternal anRpackage objects
print.omniInternal anRpackage objects
print.summary.maregInternal anRpackage objects
prop_to_dInternal anRpackage objects
prop_to_orInternal anRpackage objects
p_to_d1One-tailed p-value to Standardized Mean Difference (d)
p_to_d2Two-tailed p-value to Standardized Mean Difference (d)
PubBiasAssess for Publication Bias
r2Explained Variance
r2.maregInternal anRpackage objects
r_from_chiChi-Squared to Correlation
r_from_dCorrelation from Mean Difference
r_from_d1Correlation from Mean Difference II
r_from_tCorrelation from t-test
Rho_TUInternal anRpackage objects
robustSERobust standard error
r_to_dCorrelation (r) to Standardized Mean Difference (d)
summary.maregInternal anRpackage objects
tt.ancova_to_dt-test Value from ANCOVA to Standardized Mean Difference (d)
t_to_dt-test Value to Standardized Mean Difference (d)
wdOutput to Word in formatted tables
wd.defaultInternal anRpackage objects
wd.macatInternal anRpackage objects
wd.maregInternal anRpackage objects
wd.omniInternal anRpackage objects
wgtsWeights added to Meta Data
WifunInternal anRpackage objects
wmeanInternal objects
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