Man pages for MBTAr
Access Data from the Massachusetts Bay Transit Authority (MBTA) Web API

routesRoutes and respective information for the MBTA system
TalertbyidQueries active and upcoming times for a particular alert.
TalertsQuery all active and upcoming alerts.
TdailymetricsQuery daily performance statistics.
TheadwaysTo get headways and train arrive times for a given...
TheadwaysperformanceFunction to return performance data based on headways...
TmetricsQuery real-time performance statistics.
TpredictionsbyrouteQuery predictions by route
TpredictionsbystopQuery predictions by stop
TpredictionsbytripQuery predictions by trip
TroutesQuery all T routes
TroutesbystopQuery all routes at a stop
TschedulebyrouteQuery the schedule by route
TschedulebystopQuery schedule by stop
TschedulebytripQuery schedule by trip
TservertimeQueries the current MBTA API server time.
TstopsbylocationQuery stops by goegraphic location
TstopsbyrouteQuery stops by route
TstopslookupSearch for information on a stop with a given name. Useful...
TtravelperformanceQuery performance statistics for many trips contained in a...
TtraveltimesQuery travel times and travel time performance
TvehiclesbyrouteQuery vehicles by a route
TvehiclesbytripQuery vehicles by a particular trip.
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