MBmca-package: Microbead Surface Nucleic Acid Melting Curve Analysis

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Nucleic acid Melting Curve Analysis is a powerful method to investigate the interaction of double stranded nucleic acids. The MBmca package provides data sets and lightweight utilities for nucleic acid melting curve analysis and presentation on microbead surfaces. However, the function of the package can also be used for the analysis of reactions in solution (e.g., qPCR). Methods include melting curve data preprocessing (smooth, normalize, rotate, background subtraction), data inspection (comparison of multiplex melting curves) with location parameters (mean, median), deviation parameters (standard of the melting peaks including the second derivative. The second derivative melting peaks is implemented as parameter to further characterize the melting behavior. Plot functions to illustrate data quality, smoothed curves and derivatives are available too.


Stefan Roediger <stefan_roediger@gmx.de>


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