Man pages for MDMR
Multivariate Distance Matrix Regression

deltaCompute univariate MDMR effect sizes
gowerCompute Gower's centered similarity matrix from a distance...
mdmrConduct MDMR with analytic p-values
MDMR-packageMultivariate Distance Matrix Regression
mixed.mdmrFit Mixed-MDMR models
print.mdmrPrint MDMR Object
print.mixed.mdmrPrint Mixed MDMR Object
summary.mdmrSummarizing MDMR Results
summary.mixed.mdmrSummarizing Mixed MDMR Results
X.clustSimulated clustered predictor data to illustrate the...
X.mdmrSimulated predictor data to illustrate the MDMR package.
Y.clustSimulated clustered outcome data to illustrate the Mixed-MDMR...
Y.mdmrSimulated outcome data to illustrate the MDMR package.
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