MFPCA: Multivariate Functional Principal Component Analysis for Data Observed on Different Dimensional Domains

Calculate a multivariate functional principal component analysis for data observed on different dimensional domains. The estimation algorithm relies on univariate basis expansions for each element of the multivariate functional data. Multivariate and univariate functional data objects are represented by S4 classes for this type of data implemented in the package 'funData'.

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AuthorClara Happ [aut, cre]
Date of publication2016-08-12 12:36:25
MaintainerClara Happ <>

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Man pages

calcBasisIntegrals: Utility function that calculates matrix of basis-scalar...

calcMFPCA: Internal function that implements the MFPCA algorithm for...

dct2D: Calculate and threshold DCT for an image

dct3D: Calculate and threshold DCT for an 3D image

dctBasis2D: Calculate a cosine basis representation for functional data...

dctFunction2D: Calculate linear combinations of orthonormal cosine basis...

expandBasisFunction: Calculate a linear combination of arbitrary basis function

FCP_TPA: The functional CP-TPA algorithm

fcptpaBasis: Calculate a smooth PCA representaion for functional data on...

findAlphaVopt: Find the optimal smoothing parameters in FCP_TPA using GCV

fpcaBasis: Calculate a functional principal component basis...

gcv: Generalized cross-validation for the FCP-TPA algorithm

idct2D: Calculate an inverse DCT for an image

idct3D: Calculate an inverse DCT for a 3D image

maxeig: Compute the largest eigenvalue and associated eigenvector of...

MFPCA: Multivariate functional principal component analysis for...

normVec: Calculate the euclidean norm of a vector

PACE: Univariate functional principal component analysis by...

splineBasis1D: Calculate a spline basis decomposition for functional data on...

splineBasis2D: Calculate a spline basis representation for functional data...

splineFunction1D: Calculate linear combinations of spline basis functions on...

splineFunction2D: Calculate linear combinations of spline basis functions on...

ttv: Tensor times vector calculation

ttvCalculation: Internal function for the Tensor times Vector calculation

UMPCA: UMPCA: Uncorrelated Multilinear Principle Component Analysis

umpcaBasis: Calculate an uncorrelated multilinear principal component...

univDecomp: Univariate basis decomposition

univExpansion: Calculate a univariate basis expansion


calcBasisIntegrals Man page
calcMFPCA Man page
dct2D Man page
dct3D Man page
dctBasis2D Man page
dctBasis3D Man page
dctFunction2D Man page
dctFunction3D Man page
expandBasisFunction Man page
FCP_TPA Man page
fcptpaBasis Man page
findAlphaVopt Man page
findAlphaWopt Man page
fpcaBasis Man page
gcv Man page
idct2D Man page
idct3D Man page
maxeig Man page
MFPCA Man page
normVec Man page
PACE Man page
splineBasis1D Man page
splineBasis1Dpen Man page
splineBasis2D Man page
splineBasis2Dpen Man page
splineFunction1D Man page
splineFunction2D Man page
splineFunction2Dpen Man page
ttv Man page
ttvCalculation Man page
UMPCA Man page
umpcaBasis Man page
univDecomp Man page
univExpansion Man page

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