MHTdiscrete: Multiple Hypotheses Testing for Discrete Data

A Comprehensive tool for almost all existing multiple testing methods for discrete data. The package also provides some novel multiple testing procedures controlling FWER/FDR for discrete data. Given discrete p-values and their domains, the [method].p.adjust function returns adjusted p-values, which can be used to compare with the nominal significant level alpha and make decisions. For users' convenience, the functions also provide the output option for printing decision rules.

AuthorYalin Zhu, Wenge Guo
Date of publication2017-02-08 12:46:17
MaintainerYalin Zhu <>
LicenseGPL (>= 2)

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getPval Man page
GTBH.p.adjust Man page
GTBY.p.adjust Man page
MBH.p.adjust Man page
MBL.p.adjust Man page
MBonf.p.adjust Man page
MBY.p.adjust Man page
MHoch.p.adjust Man page
MHolm.p.adjust Man page
MHTdiscrete Man page
MHTdiscrete-package Man page
MixBonf.p.adjust Man page
Roth.p.adjust Man page
Roth.rej Man page
Sidak.p.adjust Man page
Tarone.p.adjust Man page
TH.p.adjust Man page

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