Man pages for MILC
MIcrosimulation Lung Cancer (MILC) model

age_grpDefine age group
ci.lungci.lung dataset
current.othercurrent.other dataset
d_grpDefine smoking intensity group
former.otherformer.other dataset
HT_malCalculate cumulative hazard for the 1st malignant cell
ht_mal_intIntegrating hazard for the onset of th 1st malignant cell
MILC-packageMIcrosimulation Lung Cancer (MILC) model
nat_histSimulate one individual trajectory
never.othernever.other dataset
tdeath_lungPredict the age at death from lung cancer
tdeath_otherPredict the age at death from a cause other than lung cancer
t_malPredict age at the onset of the first malignant cell
t_progPredict age at distinct lung cancer natural history stages
t_volPredict age at given tumor volume
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