Man pages for MLDS
Maximum Likelihood Difference Scaling

as.mlds.dfCoerces a data.frame to mlds.df
AutumnLabDifference Scale Judgement Data Set
binom.diagnosticsDiagnostics for Binary GLM
boot.mldsResampling of an Estimated Difference Scale
DisplayOneQuadHelper Functions for Perception of Correlation Difference...
fitted.mldsFitted Responses for a Difference Scale
Get6ptsFind All 6-point Conditions in data.frame
ix.mat2dfTransform data.frame back to Raw Difference Scale Format
kkDifference Scale Judgment Data Sets
lik6ptCompute Log Likelihood for 6-point Test
logLik.mldsCompute Log-Likelihood for an mlds object
make.ix.matCreate data.frame for Fitting Difference Scale by glm
mldsFit Difference Scale by Maximum Likelihood
MLDS-package~~ MLDS ~~ Maximum Likelihood Differerence Scaling
plot.mldsPlot a mlds Object
pmcProportion of Misclassifications According to an Estimated...
predict.mldsPredict method for MLDS Fits
print.mldsDifference Scale default print statement
rbind.mlds.dfConcatenate Objects of Class 'mlbs.df' or 'mlds.df' by Row
runQuadExperimentStart and run a Difference Scale Experiment
SimMLDSSimulate Output of MLDS Experiment
simu.6ptPerform Bootstrap Test on 6-point Likelihood for MLDS FIT
summary.mldsSummary for a mlds fit
summary.mlds.btMethod to Extract Bootstrap Values for MLDS Scale Values
SwapOrderOrder Stimuli and Adjust Responses from Difference Scaling...
TransparencyDifference Scaling of Transparency
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