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Difference scaling is a method for scaling perceived supra-threshold differences. The package contains functions that allow the user to design and run a difference scaling experiment and to fit the resulting data by maximum likelihood.


Package: MLDS
Type: Package
Version: 0.0.4
Date: 2007-04-16
License: GPL

The package provides a function, mlds for estimating a perceptual scale using the data obtained from one or several difference scaling experiments. A second function, simu.6pt permits the interval validity of the scale to be evaluated using a bootstrap method. Several methods are supplied for accessing and examining the ‘mlds’ object generated by estimating the scale.


Kenneth Knoblauch and Laurence T. Maloney

Maintainer: Ken Knoblauch


Maloney, L. T. and Yang, J. N. (2003). Maximum likelihood difference scaling. Journal of Vision, 3(8):5, 573–585,, doi:10.1167/3.8.5.

Knoblauch, K. and Maloney, L. T. (2008) MLDS: Maximum likelihood difference scaling in R. Journal of Statistical Software, 25:2, 1–26,


data(kk1)  # data for one subject for 330 trials of the same experiment
plot(mlds(kk1)) # fit and plot the fitted difference scale

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