Man pages for MLGL
Multi-Layer Group-Lasso

bootstrapHclustHierarchical Clustering with distance matrix computed using... coefficients from a 'cv.MLGL' object
coef.MLGLGet coefficients from a 'MLGL' object
computeGroupSizeWeightCompute the group size weight vector with an authorized...
cv.MLGLMulti-Layer Group-Lasso with cross V-fold validation
fullProcessFull process of MLGL
hierarchicalFDRHierarchical testing with FDR control
hierarchicalFWERHierarchical testing with FWER control
HMTHierarchical Multiple Testing procedure Apply Hierarchical...
listToMatrixObtain a sparse matrix of the coefficients of the path
MLGLMulti-Layer Group-Lasso
overlapgglassoGroup-lasso with overlapping groups
partialFtestPartial F-test the cross-validation obtained from 'cv.MLGL' function
plot.fullProcessPlot the path obtained from 'fullProcess' function
plot.HMTPlot the path obtained from 'HMT' function
plot.MLGLPlot the path obtained from 'MLGL' function
plot.stability.MLGLPlot the stability path obtained from 'stability.MLGL'... fitted values from a 'cv.MLGL' object
predict.MLGLPredict fitted values from a 'MLGL' object
print.fullProcessPrint Values Print a 'fullProcess' object
print.HMTPrint Values Print a 'HMT' object
print.MLGLPrint Values Print a 'MLGL' object
selFDRSelection from hierarchical testing with FDR control
selFWERSelection from hierarchical testing with FWER control
simuBlockGaussianSimulate multivariate Gaussian samples with block diagonal...
stability.MLGLStability Selection for Multi-Layer Group-lasso
summary.fullProcessObject Summaries Summary of a 'fullProcess' object
summary.HMTObject Summaries Summary of a 'HMT' object
summary.MLGLObject Summaries Summary of a 'MLGL' object
uniqueGroupHclustFind all unique groups in 'hclust' results
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