Man pages for MLPA
Multiplex Ligation-Dependent Probe Amplification Data Analysis

align.fsaAligns peaks using size ladder
classifyApply the binary predictor to FSA peaks
designFileProcess interface's design file
fusions.processLD-RTPCR fusion identification by Sanger
GEP.processMLPA peak detection
modelObject constructor for binary predictors
peaks.fsaGet maximal value in ranges
plot.fsaPlot method for "fsa" objects
plot.fsaModelPlot method for "fsaModel" objects
print.fsaPrint method for "fsa" objects
read.abifRead ABIF formatted files
read.fsaImports a .fsa file from Applied Biosystems
read.sangerImports a .ab1 file from Applied Biosystems corresponding to...
trainTraining function for binary predictors
wav2RGBConverts light wavelengths to RGB colors
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