detergent: Detergent Brand Choice

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This dataset gives the laundry detergent brand choice by households and the price of each brand.




A data frame containing the following 7 variables and 2657 observations.

choice factor a brand chosen by each household
TidePrice numeric log price of Tide
WiskPrice numeric log price of Wisk
EraPlusPrice numeric log price of EraPlus
SurfPrice numeric log price of Surf
SoloPrice numeric log price of Solo
AllPrice numeric log price of All


Chintagunta, P. K. and Prasad, A. R. (1998) “An Empirical Investigation of the ‘Dynamic McFadden’ Model of Purchase Timing and Brand Choice: Implications for Market Structure”. Journal of Business and Economic Statistics vol. 16 no. 1 pp.2-12.

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