japan: Voters' Preferences of Political Parties in Japan (1995)

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This dataset gives voters' preferences of political parties in Japan on the 0 (least preferred) - 100 (most preferred) scale. It is based on the 1995 survey data of 418 individual voters. The data also include the sex, education level, and age of the voters. The survey allowed voters to choose among four parties: Liberal Democratic Party (LDP), New Frontier Party (NFP), Sakigake (SKG), and Japanese Communist Party (JCP).




A data frame containing the following 7 variables for 418 observations.

LDP numeric preference for Liberal Democratic Party 0 - 100
NFP numeric preference for New Frontier Party 0 - 100
SKG numeric preference for Sakigake 0 - 100
JCP numeric preference for Japanese Communist Party 0 - 100
gender factor gender of each voter male or female
education numeric levels of education for each voter
age numeric age of each voter

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