Man pages for MODIStsp
Find, Download and Process MODIS Land Products Data

bbox_from_fileRetrieve bbox from a spatial file
check_files_existenceCheck if all files required for a given date already exist
check_projectionCheck the validity of the input projection
get_mod_datesFind MODIS dates included in selected processing period
get_mod_dirsGet list of MODIS data folders from http server
get_mod_filenamesFind the names of MODIS images corresponding to the selected...
get_reqbandsIdentify the MODIS original bands needed for a given...
get_yeardatesidentify dates to be processed for a year
install_MODIStsp_launcherInstall a launcher for MODIStsp
load_prodoptsLoad characteristics of the different MODIS products
MODIStspMODIStsp main function
MODIStsp_addindexAdd custom spectral indexes
MODIStsp_downloadMODIStsp download function
MODIStsp_extractExtract data from MODIStsp time series
MODIStsp_get_prodlayersRetrieve the names of MODIS layers for a product
MODIStsp_get_prodnamesRetrieve the names of all available product
MODIStsp_GUIBuild and manage the MODIStsp GUI
MODIStsp-packageMODIStsp: a package to automatize the creation of time series...
MODIStsp_processMODIStsp main processing function
MODIStsp_process_bandsMODIStsp helper for processing original HDF layers
MODIStsp_process_indexesMODIStsp helper for computing spectral indexes
MODIStsp_process_QA_bitsMODIStsp helper function to compute Quality Indicators from...
MODIStsp_read_xmlRead MODIS products characteristics from XML
MODIStsp_resetindexesRemove custom spectral indexes
MODIStsp_vrt_createCreate MODIStsp virtual files
process_messageSpawn processing update messages
reproj_bboxReproject a bounding box
set_bandind_matrixHelper function to determine the bands needed to compute SIs...
split_nodata_valuesSplit NODATA values or create matrix for reclassification
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