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MODIStsp: a package to automatize the creation of time series of raster images derived from MODIS Land Products


MODIStsp allows automating the creation of time series of rasters derived from MODIS Satellite Land Products data. It performs several typical preprocessing steps such as download, mosaicking, reprojection and resize of data acquired on a specified time period. All processing parameters can be set using a user-friendly GUI. Users can select which layers of the original MODIS HDF files they want to process, which additional Quality Indicators should be extracted from aggregated MODIS Quality Assurance layers and, in the case of Surface Reflectance products , which Spectral Indexes should be computed from the original reflectance bands. For each output layer, outputs are saved as single-band raster files corresponding to each available acquisition date. Virtual files allowing access to the entire time series as a single file are also created. Command-line execution exploiting a previously saved processing options file is also possible, allowing to automatically update time series related to a MODIS product whenever a new image is available.


Lorenzo Busetto, phD (2014-2017)

Luigi Ranghetti, phD (2015-2017)

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