MXM: Discovering Multiple, Statistically-Equivalent Signatures

Feature selection methods for identifying minimal, statistically-equivalent and equally-predictive feature subsets. Bayesian network algorithms and related functions are also included. The package name 'MXM' stands for "Mens eX Machina", meaning "Mind from the Machine" in Latin.

AuthorIoannis Tsamardinos, Vincenzo Lagani, Giorgos Athineou, Michail Tsagris, Giorgos Borboudakis, Anna Roumpelaki
Date of publication2017-03-26 16:11:42 UTC
MaintainerMichail Tsagris <>

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Man pages

auc: ROC and area under the curve

beta.mod: Beta regression

beta.regs: Many simple beta regressions.

bic.fsreg: Variable selection in regression models with forward...

bic.glm.fsreg: Variable selection in generalised linear models with forward...

bs.reg: Variable selection in regression models with backward...

censIndCR: Conditional independence test for survival data

condi: Conditional independence test for continuous class variables... Cross-Validation for SES and MMPC

dag2eg: Transforms a DAG into an essential graph

equivdags: Check Markov equivalence of two DAGs

findDescendants: Returns and plots, if asked, the descendants or ancestors of...

fs.reg: Variable selection in regression models with forward...

generatefolds: Generate random folds for cross-validation

glm.bsreg: Variable selection in generalised linear regression models...

glm.fsreg: Variable selection in generalised linear regression models...

gSquare: G-square conditional independence test for discrete data

iamb: IAMB variable selection IAMB backward selection phase

lm.fsreg: Variable selection in linear regression models with forward...

mammpc.output-class: Class '"mammpc.output"' Feature selection algorithm for identifying multiple...

mases.output-class: Class '"mases.output"'

mb: Returns and plots, if asked, the Markov blanket of a node (or...

mmhc.skel: The skeleton of a Bayesian network as produced by MMHC

mmmb: Max-min Markov blanket algorithm

MMPCoutput-class: Class '"MMPCoutput"'

mmpc.path: MMPC solution paths for many combinations of hyper-parameters

MMPC.temporal.output-class: Class '"MMPC.temporal.output"'

MXMCondIndTests: MXM Conditional independence tests

MXM-internal: Internal MXM Functions

MXM-package: This is an R package that currently implements feature...

nei: Returns and plots, if asked, the node(s) and their...

partialcor: Partial correlation

pc.or: The orientations part of the PC algorithm.

pc.skel: The skeleton of a Bayesian network produced by the PC...

permcor: Permutation based p-value for the Pearson correlation...

plotnetwork: Interactive plot of an (un)directed graph

rdag: Simulation of data from DAG (directed acyclic graph) Regression modelling

ridge.plot: Ridge regression

ridge.reg: Ridge regression Cross validation for the ridge regression

SES: SES: Feature selection algorithm for identifying multiple...

ses.model: Regression model(s) obtained from SES or MMPC

SESoutput-class: Class '"SESoutput"'

SES.temporal: SES.temporal: Feature selection algorithm for identifying...

SES.temporal.output-class: Class '"SES.temporal.output"'

tc.plot: Plot of longitudinal data

testIndBeta: Beta regression conditional independence test for...

testIndBinom: Binomial regression conditional independence test for success...

testIndClogit: Conditional independence test based on conditional logistic...

testIndFisher: Fisher and Spearman conditional independence test for...

testIndGLMM: Linear mixed models conditional independence test for...

testIndLogistic: Conditional independence test for binary, categorical or...

testIndPois: Regression conditional independence test for discrete...

testIndReg: Linear (and non-linear) regression conditional independence...

testIndSpeedglm: Conditional independence test for continuous, binary and...

transitiveClosure: Returns the transitive closure of an adjacency matrix

undir.path: Undirected path(s) between two nodes

univregs: Univariate regression based tests

zip.mod: Zero inflated Poisson regression

zip.regs: Many simple zero inflated Poisson regressions.


acc_multinom.mxm Man page
acc.mxm Man page
apply_ideq Man page Man page
apply_ideq.temporal Man page
auc Man page
auc.mxm Man page
beta.bsreg Man page
beta.fsreg Man page
betamle.wei Man page
beta.mod Man page
beta.mxm Man page
beta.reg Man page
beta.regs Man page
bic.betafsreg Man page
bic.fsreg Man page
bic.glm.fsreg Man page
bic.zipfsreg Man page
bs.reg Man page Man page
censIndCR Man page
censIndER Man page
censIndWR Man page
ci.mxm Man page
ciwr.mxm Man page
compare_p_values Man page
condi Man page
CondIndTests Man page
condi.perm Man page
coxph.mxm Man page
cv.mmpc Man page
cvmmpc.par Man page Man page
cvses.par Man page
dag2eg Man page
dag_to_eg Man page
dist.condi Man page
equivdags Man page
findAncestors Man page
findDescendants Man page
fs.reg Man page
generatefolds Man page
glm.bsreg Man page
glm.fsreg Man page
glm.fsreg_2 Man page
glm.mxm Man page
gSquare Man page
iamb Man page
iamb.betabs Man page Man page
iamb.glmbs Man page
iamb.zipbs Man page
IdentifyEquivalence Man page Man page
IdentifyEquivalence.temporal Man page
identifyTheEquivalent Man page Man page
identifyTheEquivalent.temporal Man page
internaliamb.binombs Man page
internaliamb.lmbs Man page
internaliamb.poisbs Man page
Internalmammpc Man page
Internalmases Man page
InternalMMPC Man page
InternalMMPC.temporal Man page
InternalSES Man page
InternalSES.temporal Man page
is.sepset Man page
is.sepset Man page
lm.fsreg Man page
lm.fsreg_2 Man page
lm.fsreg_2.heavy Man page
lm.fsreg_heavy Man page
lm.mxm Man page
lmrob.mxm Man page
ma.mmpc Man page
mammpc.output Man page
mammpc.output-class Man page Man page
mases.output Man page
mases.output-class Man page
max_min_assoc Man page Man page
max_min_assoc.temporal Man page
mb Man page
min_assoc Man page Man page
min_assoc.temporal Man page
mmhc.skel Man page
mmmb Man page
MMPC Man page
mmpc.model Man page
MMPCoutput Man page
MMPCoutput-class Man page
mmpc.path Man page
MMPC.temporal Man page
MMPC.temporal.output Man page
MMPC.temporal.output-class Man page
mse.mxm Man page
multinom.mxm Man page
MXM-package Man page
nbdev.mxm Man page
nb.mxm Man page
nchoosek Man page
nei Man page
ordinal.mxm Man page
ord_mae.mxm Man page
partialcor Man page
pc.con Man page
pc.or Man page
pc.skel Man page
permcor Man page
permcorrels Man page
permFisher Man page
plot,mammpc.output,ANY-method Man page
plot,mammpc.output-method Man page
plot,mases.output,ANY-method Man page
plot,mases.output-method Man page
plot,MMPCoutput,ANY-method Man page
plot,MMPCoutput-method Man page
plot,MMPC.temporal.output,ANY-method Man page
plot,MMPC.temporal.output-method Man page
plotnetwork Man page
plot,SESoutput,ANY-method Man page
plot,SESoutput-method Man page
plot,SES.temporal.output,ANY-method Man page
plot,SES.temporal.output-method Man page
poisdev.mxm Man page
pois.mxm Man page
proc_time-class Man page
R0 Man page
R1 Man page
R2 Man page
R3 Man page
rdag Man page
regbeta Man page
regbetawei Man page Man page
regzip Man page
regzipwei Man page
ridge.plot Man page
ridge.reg Man page Man page
rq.mxm Man page
SES Man page
ses.model Man page
SESoutput Man page
SESoutput-class Man page
SES.temporal Man page
SES.temporal.output Man page
SES.temporal.output-class Man page
summary,mammpc.output-method Man page
summary,mases.output-method Man page
summary,MMPCoutput-method Man page
summary,MMPC.temporal.output-method Man page
summary,SESoutput-method Man page
summary,SES.temporal.output-method Man page
tc.plot Man page
testIndBeta Man page
testIndBinom Man page
testIndClogit Man page
testIndFisher Man page
testIndGLMM Man page
testIndIGreg Man page
testIndLogistic Man page
testIndMVreg Man page
testIndNB Man page
testIndPois Man page
testIndReg Man page
testIndRQ Man page
testIndSpearman Man page
testIndSpeedglm Man page
testIndZIP Man page
topological_sort Man page
transitiveClosure Man page
undir.path Man page
univariateScore Man page Man page
univariateScore.temporal Man page
univregs Man page
vara Man page
weibreg.mxm Man page
zip.bsreg Man page
zip.fsreg Man page
zipmle.wei Man page
zip.mod Man page
zip.reg Man page
zip.regs Man page
zipwei Man page


MXM/R/beta.reg.R MXM/R/SES.R MXM/R/zip.reg.R MXM/R/testIndLogistic.R MXM/R/rdag.R MXM/R/permcor.R MXM/R/lm.fsreg.R MXM/R/bic.zipfsreg.R MXM/R/testIndClogit.R MXM/R/zip.regs.R MXM/R/censIndCR.R MXM/R/ma.mmpc.R MXM/R/univregs.R MXM/R/transitiveClosure.R MXM/R/cvses.par.R MXM/R/bic.glm.fsreg.R MXM/R/SES.temporal.R MXM/R/lm.fsreg_2.heavy.R MXM/R/pc.or.R MXM/R/glm.fsreg.R MXM/R/mmpc.path.R MXM/R/permFisher.R MXM/R/topological_sort.R MXM/R/bic.fsreg.R MXM/R/iamb.R MXM/R/testIndIGreg.R MXM/R/testIndGLMM.R MXM/R/iamb.glmbs.R MXM/R/testIndSpearman.R MXM/R/beta.mod.R MXM/R/testIndReg.R MXM/R/testIndZIP.R MXM/R/cv.mmpc.R MXM/R/cvmmpc.par.R MXM/R/testIndRQ.R MXM/R/MMPC.R MXM/R/findDescendants.R MXM/R/censIndWR.R MXM/R/dist.condi.R MXM/R/bs.reg.R MXM/R/lm.fsreg_2.R MXM/R/zip.mod.R MXM/R/ridge.reg.R MXM/R/gSquare.R MXM/R/generatefolds.R MXM/R/dag2eg.R MXM/R/iamb.zipbs.R MXM/R/ MXM/R/testIndFisher.R MXM/R/MMPC.temporal.R MXM/R/zip.fsreg.R MXM/R/permcorrels.R MXM/R/mammpc.output_script.R MXM/R/glm.bsreg.R MXM/R/bic.betafsreg.R MXM/R/condi.R MXM/R/lm.fsreg_heavy.R MXM/R/testIndMVreg.R MXM/R/mmpc.model.R MXM/R/SES.temporal.opoutput_script.R MXM/R/equivdags.R MXM/R/findAncestors.R MXM/R/testIndPois.R MXM/R/iamb.betabs.R MXM/R/ses.model.R MXM/R/testIndNB.R MXM/R/undir.path.R MXM/R/MMPCoutput_script.R MXM/R/MMPC.temporal.output_script.R MXM/R/dag_to_eg.R MXM/R/testIndSpeedglm.R MXM/R/mases.output_script.R MXM/R/pc.con.R MXM/R/ridge.plot.R MXM/R/vara.R MXM/R/zip.bsreg.R MXM/R/testIndBinom.R MXM/R/ MXM/R/censIndER.R MXM/R/pc.skel.R MXM/R/partialcor.R MXM/R/glm.fsreg_2.R MXM/R/mb.R MXM/R/plotnetwork.R MXM/R/ MXM/R/beta.regs.R MXM/R/nei.R MXM/R/ MXM/R/tc.plot.R MXM/R/ MXM/R/beta.fsreg.R MXM/R/testIndBeta.R MXM/R/ MXM/R/auc.R MXM/R/fs.reg.R MXM/R/SESoutput_script.R MXM/R/beta.bsreg.R MXM/R/mmhc.skel.R MXM/R/mmmb.R
MXM/man/univregs.Rd MXM/man/dag2eg.Rd MXM/man/SES.temporal.output-class.Rd MXM/man/gSquare.Rd MXM/man/censIndCR.Rd MXM/man/testIndGLMM.Rd MXM/man/testIndBinom.Rd MXM/man/mammpc.output-class.Rd MXM/man/beta.regs.Rd MXM/man/rdag.Rd MXM/man/findDescendants.Rd MXM/man/zip.mod.Rd MXM/man/MXMCondIndTests.Rd MXM/man/testIndBeta.Rd MXM/man/glm.fsreg.Rd MXM/man/bic.fsreg.Rd MXM/man/ses.model.Rd MXM/man/equivdags.Rd MXM/man/ MXM/man/testIndClogit.Rd MXM/man/testIndPois.Rd MXM/man/generatefolds.Rd MXM/man/partialcor.Rd MXM/man/zip.regs.Rd MXM/man/MMPCoutput-class.Rd MXM/man/MXM-package.Rd MXM/man/tc.plot.Rd MXM/man/auc.Rd MXM/man/testIndSpeedglm.Rd MXM/man/MMPC.temporal.output-class.Rd MXM/man/testIndLogistic.Rd MXM/man/bs.reg.Rd MXM/man/transitiveClosure.Rd MXM/man/bic.glm.fsreg.Rd MXM/man/condi.Rd MXM/man/ MXM/man/lm.fsreg.Rd MXM/man/testIndReg.Rd MXM/man/ridge.plot.Rd MXM/man/ MXM/man/ridge.reg.Rd MXM/man/ MXM/man/fs.reg.Rd MXM/man/SES.Rd MXM/man/mmmb.Rd MXM/man/pc.or.Rd MXM/man/undir.path.Rd MXM/man/SESoutput-class.Rd MXM/man/permcor.Rd MXM/man/nei.Rd MXM/man/mmpc.path.Rd MXM/man/beta.mod.Rd MXM/man/SES.temporal.Rd MXM/man/MXM-internal.Rd MXM/man/mmhc.skel.Rd MXM/man/plotnetwork.Rd MXM/man/ MXM/man/iamb.Rd MXM/man/mb.Rd MXM/man/glm.bsreg.Rd MXM/man/testIndFisher.Rd MXM/man/mases.output-class.Rd MXM/man/pc.skel.Rd

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