Man pages for MapGAM
Mapping Smoothed Effect Estimates from Individual-Level Data

AIC.modgamAIC of the 'modgam' Object
beertweetsGeocoded Tweets with Beer Indicator
CAdataDeidentified Survival Data for California
CAgridA Grid on State of California
CAmapMap of California
coef.gamcoxCoefficents of the 'gamcox' Object
coef.modgamCoefficients of the 'modgam' Object
colormapMaps Predicted Values and Clusters on a Two-Dimentional Map
dlsCalculating Derivatives of Partial Likelihood for Cox...
formula.gamcoxFormula of the 'gamcox' Object
formula.modgamFormula of the 'modgam' Object
gamcoxFit a Cox Additive Model with a Two-Dimensional Smooth
MAdataSynthetic Case-Control Data for Massachusetts
MAmapMap of Massachusetts
MapGAM-packageMapping Smoothed Effect Estimates from Individual-Level...
MapGAM.versionRevision Dates for MapGAM Functions
modgamFit a Generalized Additive Model (GAM) with a Two-Dimensional...
mypredict.gamPrediction for GAM Fits
optspanDetermine the Optimal Span Size for 'modgam'
plot.modgamMaps Predicted Values and Clusters for 'modgam' Objects
predgridCreate a Grid and Clip It to a Map and Data Bounds
predict.gamcoxPrediction Method for 'gamcox' Fits
print.gamcoxPrint the 'gamcox' Object
print.modgamPrint the 'modgam' Object
residuals.gamcoxResiduals of the 'gamcox' Object
residuals.modgamResiduals of the 'modgam' Object
sampcontUnmatched Control Sampling
summary.gamcoxSummarize the 'gamcox' Object
summary.modgamSummarize the 'modgam' Object
toformulaBuild a Formula Based on Data for 'modgam' Function
trimdataTrim a Data Set To Map Boundaries
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